Letter from Kelsey Brady to ANR/Chief Connie Mielke

Hi Connie,

I’m just writing you to say thank you again for your letter of support. I wouldn’t have received Indspire’s McGill Indigenous Entrance award contributing $5,000 to my master’s studies without your help. This award will alleviate the financial burden of graduate studies, as well as allow me to pursue future avenues of research–all which wouldn’t have been possible without your help!

I am extremely grateful for your continuing support and recognition. Megwetch!



Letter from Indspire to Kelsey Brady

Letter from Brooke Gelinas to ANR/Chief Connie Mielke

Hello Chief Mielke,

Thank you so much to Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation. I am extremely grateful to be chosen as a recipient of this University Education bursary, as it will contribute to my successful completion of the Bachelor of Science Program that I am currently enrolled in at Western University. I am in my second year of the program and upon my graduation from this program I plan to pursue dental school to become a dentist. I come from Iroquois Falls, which is a remote community in Northern Ontario. Upon completion of my dental program I plan to use my training to provide dental care to those who don’t have regular access to the resources and services that they need, such as our First Nations communities on isolated reserves. This award will provide financial security for me, which I greatly appreciate. Without this financial support, it would not be possible for me to complete this program. Thank you so much for your generous support!


Brooke Gelinas-Bursary 2021

Letter from mother of Jamie-Leigh Jennings – Indspire Scholarship 2021

Hi Chief Connie.

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your support of our daughter Jamie-Leigh Jennings with her Indspire application, today she was notified she has been awarded $3000 Indspire scholarship towards her education costs. This financial support is critical to her success and achieving a post secondary education; My family expresses our sincere gratitude. She will be the first member of our family to attend Post secondary University and then enter into a field of working with Indigenous Youth Offenders. We are so proud !

We cannot thank you enough for your letter of support from Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation and the overall outstanding leadership you continue to provide the First Nation community, our elders and our terrific youth members !

Thanks again!

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