Local Community Member Artisans

We are very proud of our Local Community Member Artisans.

If you are a local artisan and one of our community members, please contact us and we will post your work.



We created this new Tab to assist you in advertising and/or selling your Arts/Crafts and/or items that you make or build.

We would like to post your names with some photos of your work here on our website.

This is a fantastic way for people to get to know you and to display your arts/crafts work.

Just contact us and we will do the rest!

Project Funding

Community engagement funding to help cover the costs of art supplies and materials for artists participating in the Truth and Reconciliation Project

The Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation’s team is happy to announce to our artists that they will be able to participate to the Truth and Reconciliation Project – Algonquin Indigenous Art Exhibit. $1,000 grant funding will be rewarded to our community’s artists participating on this project to help cover the costs of art supplies and materials. The overall goal is to select the best 15 works from the entire AOO group based on the theme of “Truth”. The artists whose work is selected for this project will get paid $400 just for showing their work.

About the project

The Truth and Reconciliation Project will be structured as two separates, but connected, art exhibits that will be shown one after the other at the Art Gallery of Bancroft in the Summer/Fall of 2023. Each exhibition will feature a unique mix of artwork and artists. We hope to expand this exhibit to other communities in the future.


Algonquin history is often portrayed in various forms of art.  Algonquin songs and stories have been passed down from ancestors to elders over generations, and have been depicted in paintings, carvings, etchings, and sculptures.

For this project we will find and work with local Algonquin artists to share their mostly unheard perspectives on Truth (and Reconciliation).  Our experiences with colonization are different than those of Indigenous people from other areas. Our goal is to give a voice to many people who are unheard, and to amplify those who are recognizing and acting with humanity.


Immediately following the Truth exhibit, we want to have local non-Indigenous artists contemplate their part in (Truth and) Reconciliation: finding the truth of historical and current Canadian policies and acts that adversely affect the lives of Indigenous people, to consider actions that would remove racist policies still in place, and to ponder what Reconciliation is and what forms it may take.

To learn more about the project, visit the website :

Robin Tinney is an artist from the Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini community and is curating this exhibit. Robin will be joining us on December 11th for our Christmas Gathering to explain every little details to all members.  In addition to his visit in our community, he intends to host several Zoom meetings to accommodate people who could not make it on the 11th, or for people who live outside of your communities. Additionally, he wants to create a common resource for our artists to be able to find each other and be inspired by each other. He already set up a website to make this happen.

It will be a place for Algonquin Artists to show off their work: . Tinney said that “aside from the artistic merits of this project, I designed it as a way for our communities to get to know one another better, and to work together on our own reconciliation. We need to strengthen the bonds that have grown thin over the years.”

“Become an Entrepreneur”

Just like these two ladies did with their brand based out of Gatineau (QC).They just won the EDC Entrepreneurial Leader Award with POW WOW Pitch.

MINI TIPI is a Canadian women-owned company that creates small batch quality goods for your home and family.

MINI TIPI was founded in 2016 by Trisha Pitura and Mélanie Bernard.

To find out how they did it just click on the link below to open their easy to use website. You can also place an order with them if you find something you like.


Local Community Member Artisan

Denise Chaput

I would like to share my Portfolio with you as I am technically considered a Local Community Member Artisan. I have been doing my thing for many years now. I enjoy working on crafts, restoring or refurbishing old/antique things, creating unique things from old to new, yard maintenance, gardening, yard decorating and home decorating known as Home Staging.

So I hope you will take the time to look through my Portfolio, and if there is any thing or any way I can help you out please feel free to contact me.

Click on the Download below for the Power Point Presentation I created. It will open under another page or window for you. I really hope you can take the time to scroll through it.

This will show you and provide you with a better description of the services I can offer you. And I really hope you will share this information with your friends and family members.

Miigwetch / Thank you

Local Community Member Artisan

Mrs. Dudery Kenny
This Medicine Wheel is now our new office décor.
This piece of art was created by a Local Community Member Artisan Dudery Kenny.

Mrs. Dudery Kenny has multiple pieces of art For Sale.

Her artwork is on display in O’Kenny Craft Spirits, which is located on the main floor of our building.

O’Kenny Craft Spirits

2 International Drive, Pembroke, On. K8A 6W5

Come on in and browse, something may catch your eye!

The perfect mirror to add to your rustic country home!

Are you looking for some colorful artwork?

Beautiful workmanship! This is an accent piece!

Look at the detail in this! It’s simply Gorgeous!

Local Community Members Artisans

Denise & Kirk McCutcheon

These local community member artisans are not only married but they are very creative and work well together as a team on making genuine handmade hats, mitts, and moccasins.

They put their hearts and souls into every piece they create.

To place an order for something special for yourself or a family member just contact Denise or Kirk by phone or email.

And if you are interested in learning on how to trap, they do hold classes. All you have to do is call to find out when the next class is being held.

Phone: 613-687-1730


Check out the images below, you just might want something nice & warm for our cold winters!

We have space available to advertise your creations.

Just contact us and we will post your creations right here!

Contact Denise Chaput

Phone: 613-732-7777


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