Local Community Member Artisans

This is where we support all of our Local Community Member Artisans.

If you are a proud artisan and would like to put your work on display, please contact us and we will post it on this page for all the world to see.

This is a message to our local Community Member Artisans

We would like to propose an offer to you. We have come up with a new technique to assist you in advertising and/or selling your Arts/Crafts and/or items that you make or build.

We would like to post your names with some photos of your work on our website under this new “Artisans” tab.

This is a fantastic way for people to get to know you and to display your arts/crafts work.

Just contact us and we will do the rest!

As an additional bonus, you can contact Andrew Kenny the CEO of O’ Kenny Craft Spirits (Phone: 613-281-1825) to make arrangements with him.

Andrew Kenny has offered us some of his available store space for our local Community Member Artisans to display their Artwork / Crafts and he will sell your items for you. His business is located just below us on the first floor.

Local Community Member Artisan:

Mrs. Dudery Kenny

This Medicine Wheel is now our new office décor.
This piece of art was created by a Local Community Member Artisan Dudery Kenny.

Mrs. Dudery Kenny has multiple pieces of art For Sale.

Her artwork is on display in O’Kenny Craft Spirits, which is located on the main floor of our building.

O’Kenny Craft Spirits

2 International Drive, Pembroke, On. K8A 6W5

Come on in and browse, something may catch your eye!

The perfect mirror to add to your rustic country home!

Are you looking for some colorful artwork?

Beautiful workmanship! This is an accent piece!

Look at the detail in this! It’s simply Gorgeous!

Local Community Members Artisans:

Denise & Kirk McCutcheon

These local community member artisans are not only married but they are very creative and work well together as a team on making genuine handmade hats, mitts, and moccasins.

They put their hearts and souls into every piece they create.

To place an order for something special for yourself or a family member just contact Denise or Kirk by phone or email.

And if you are interested in learning on how to trap, they do hold classes. All you have to do is call to find out when the next class is being held.

Phone: 613-687-1730


Check out the images below, you just might want something nice & warm for our cold winters!

We have space available to advertise your creations.

All you have to do, is just contact us and we will post your creations right here!

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