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Community Liaison’s contact info:

Julia Mielke – 613-633-6577

Donna Lloyd – 613-687-6542

Hazel Turcotte – 613-312-1145


Paul Laderoute – 613-587-4360

The next community/elders meeting is April 26th located at the Alice and Fraser Rec Centre HAS BEEN CANCELED

Meeting Cancellation

Upcoming meetings can be located under the “Next Meeting” tab if not noted here.

Anyone wish to gain access to the community cabin at Rattail Lake can contact Paul Laderoute to sign out the key


Changes to the 2019 – 2020 Algonquin Park Harvest Area, WMU 51

2019-2020 Changes_AOO_Algonquin Park_Harvest Area_Outreach_20191001_Final_wo_Watermark_w_Att

Email_Potts_Brown_AOO Harvest Modifications_20191011_Final



Rifle Results
Last Name First Name Bull/Cow WMU
Boulanger Todd Bull 51
Bourgoin Greg Cow 51
Caughey Jeff Bull 55B
Caughey Jimmy Bull 51
Chartrand Robbie Cow 51
Chartrand Tom Bull 51
Clouthier Andy Cow 51
Clouthier Corey J Cow 51
Clouthier Dean Bull 48
Clouthier Thomas Wade Bull 65
Clouthier Willis Cow 48
Driscoll Kevin Bull 51
Driscoll Randy Cow 51
Fox Paula Cow 48
Gaudette Andre Bull 51
Gendron Larry Bull 48
Godin Brian Bull 51
Godin Gerry Cow 51
Godin Lloyd Cow 51
Harwood Kory Bull 51
Kasaboski Raymond  Cow 51
Labelle Justin Cow 48
Laderoute Lawrence Bull 51
Mathieu Vance Bull 51
McCutcheon Bert Jr. Cow 51
McCutcheon Wade Bull 51
McMillan Christopher Bull 55A
McMillan Tom Cow 55A
Meilleur Keith Bull 51
Miron Robert Bull 51
Paquette Gerard Cow 51
Paquette Virgil Bull 51
Renaud Thomas Cow 51
Richards Wayne B. Bull 57
Roberts Shane Cow 48
Sauve Ronald Jr. Cow 51
Schneider Darrell Bull 48
Turcotte Daniel Cow 51
Turcotte Richard Cow 51
Turcotte Richard E Bull 51
Vandenbaar Josh Cow 51
This tag was drawn for members that have been consistently unsuccessful for several years.
Bow Results
Last Name First Name WMU Bull/Cow
Beauchamp Tyler Cow 48
Borutski Lori Bull 48
Campbell Terry A Bull 48
Clouthier Michael R Bull 48
Clouthier Shannon Cow 48
Clouthier Tim Bull 48
Laroche Joshua Cow 48
Moreau Joey Cow 48
Moreau John Cow 48
Moreau Nicholas Bull 48
Moreau Steve Cow 48
Phinney Allan Cow 48
Phinney Bruce Bull 48
Schnieder Shawn Bull 55B
Watson Cheryl Cow 48
These 2 names returned there tags and an internal draw was done to select new winners
These are the winners of the internal draw
Elk Results
Last Name First Name Bull/Cow
Bourgoin Jerry Cow
Bourgoin Perry Cow
Chartrand Melvin Cow
Clouthier Adam Christopher Cow
Eno Barry G. Cow
King Betty Cow




All members Please update your address and email addresses when you move as we are getting many Mail returns, and you will not get mail outs if your address is wrong. We send out many email updates so please make sure we have your email address.

We need your help!  We have lost touch with many of our members and we are trying to get important mail out to them.  If you know anyone on this list please tell them to get in touch with us so we can update their information.

Please don’t forget if you have moved or know someone that has. Tell them to let us know their new contact information including their phone number and email address.  Important mailouts are coming soon, including the Moose Draw and Beneficiary Criteria updates.

You can contact Paul Laderoute our Administrative Assistant.

Thank You for your assistance in this important matter.

Email: paulthewall@nrtco.net                                       Tel: 613-587-4360

Aeberhardt, Joshua Peter Robert Bujak, Agnes Mary
Anderson, Dean Lionel Joseph Burrows, Kimberly Ann Sarah
Arbour, Mike John Burton, Diedrie B.
Bate, Kimberly Elizabeth Calbeck, Glenn Robert Allen
Beyer, Nathan Danny Neil Campbell, Devon Wade
Beyer, Wayne Gregory Chalmers, Richard Scott
Bibeau, Daniel Armand Joseph Chartrand, James Joseph
Blackmore, Aaron Monty Percy Chartrand, Peter James Jr.
Blackmore, Adama William Clouthier, Courtney Carmel
Blackmore, Athena Catherine Clouthier, Jeffrey Joseph
Blackmore, William Arthur Clouthier, Kirk
Blackmore, William Leslie Clouthier, Reyal Jeffrey
Bonnett, Colleen Marie Clouthier, Romeo Joseph
Bourgoin, Brian S. Daiken, Haley Amanda
Boyle, Terri-Lyn Pearl Daley, Lorelei Marguerete
Bracken, Mary Elmire de Haan, Shawn Kasey Jeffrey
Brant, Cheryl Yolande Denault, Ernest Clifford
Brant, Justin Leonard Denault, Melenie Anne
Briscoe, Amanda Caitland Dennie, Megan Christine
Briscoe, Brandon Luc Dombroskie, Jason Emmett
Brisson, Roger Driscoll, Tania Marie
Brough, Andrew James Duchene, Colleen Paula
Brough, Kristin Marie Dupont, Donald J.
Bruzas. Tracy Lynn B. Eno, Jeffrey Glen
Buckbourgh, Terri Lee Eno, Ryan Louis
Bujak, Agnes Mary Eno, Susan Ann
Burrows, Kimberly Ann Sarah Ewing, Gwenne Jean
Fabian, Kayla Isabel Mousseau, Chloe Brianna
Farr, Jaqueline Celexe Mulridge, Noella Leona
Fischer, Paul Clement Mulridge, Ryan Robert
Florence, Jeanne M. Agathe Turcotte Munro, Travis Zane
Foss, Nicholas Anthony Normandeau, Jason Robert
Foy, Kyle T. Normandeau, Judith Nora
Franklin, Kayla Maria Oleinikow, Ashlee A.
Gervais, Jeffery A. Oleinikow, Evan John Roy
Godin, Debara Ann Pappin, Sherry Crystal
Godin, Grant Elroy Pelletier, Ghislain
Gour, Natasha Jacqueline Denise Phinney, Brian Wilfred
Grant, Alia Jenny Pichette, Gloria Rose Mary
Gravel, Lisa Marceline Plourde, Jared Thomas
Gravel, Tia Jennifer Power, Irene Lorna
Hall, Beatrice Irene Anne Ranttalo, Peter Kari
Halliday, Kayla Mary Yvonne Reid, Paul William Eric
Hammel, Irene Bertha Reynolds, Jason Paul
Hoffman, Thomas E. Reynolds, Paul Gordon
Jackson, Joshua Andrew Keith Riches, Mariam M.
Kasaboski, Patricia Sue Roberts,  Shirley Elizabeth
King, Gayle Noreen Smith, James Thorburt Ronald
King, Jordan Benjamin Smits, Grace
King, Joshua Michael St. Cyr, Maurice Kenneth Joesph
Kreiger, Jeffery John St. Cyr, Peter Albert
Lamure, George G.J.L. St. Cyr, Tyler Joseph
Lance, Kristen Teresa St. Cyr,Melanie Jean Mary
Lance, Robbie Lawrence Stieh, Audrey Joan
LaPointe, Lana Mary Stoddard, Clifford Douglas
Laroche, Noreen Elizabeth Sullivan, Lisa A.
Lepine, Eileen, Leda Switzer, Tim P
Logan, Jill M. Trafford, Christopher
Madore, David Jason Trafford, Katie E.
Mainville, Guy Gilles Joseph Trafford, Sally J.
Mask, Arthur Jr. James Anthony Tunn, Karen Sherry
Mask, Arthur Sr. Philip Turcotte, Garry Wallace Joseph
Mathieu, Craig Ernest Walker, Derek J.
Mathieu, Thomas Leslie Way, Donald J.
Minnie, Jason Boyd Graham Woermke, Jason Robert
Moreau, Carolyn Audrey


Harvest Draw Results 2018


Rifle Results

Last Name First Name WMU Bull/Cow
Bertrand Paul 51 Cow
Blackmore Darwin 51 Bull
Boulanger Richard 48 Cow
Boulanger Todd 41 Cow
Bourgoin Adam 61 Bull
Brady Tyler 48 Cow
Brunette Robert 48 Bull
Caughey Craig 58 Cow
Chartrand Edward 51 Cow
Clouthier Brad 51 Cow
Clouthier Todd 51 Cow
Dent Cindy 51 Bull
Eno Allen D 51 Cow
Fleury Kevin 55A Bull
Fleury Donald 51 Bull
Godin Dylan 51 Bull
Godin John Thomas 51 Bull
Godin Reid 51 Cow
Grace Blaine 51 Bull
Grace David 51 Cow
Hisko Ruth 48 Cow
Jones Jack G 51 Cow
Jones Tom 51 Cow
King Betty 51 Cow
King Vincent 51 Bull
Laderoute Lawrence 61 Cow
Lance Micheal 51 Bull
Lance Ron 48 Bull
Lance Tammy 51 Bull
Libby Dave 55B Bull
Maika Wade 58 Bull
McCutcheon Kirk 51 Cow
Meilleur Terry 51 Cow
Mielke Edward 51 Cow
Nicholas Ronald 63 Cow
Poirier James 51 Bull
Roberts Paddy 48 Bull
Sperry Michael 63 Bull
Suckow Danby 51 Bull
Switzer Donald J 51 Cow
Traversey Michael 48 Cow
Trenhaile Rob 51 Bull
Turcotte Brandon 51 Cow
Turcotte Perry L 51 Bull
White Steven 51 Bull




Bow Results

Last Name First Name WMU Bull/Cow
Bourgoin Brett 48 Cow
Godin Jacinthe 48 Bull
Lamure Benjamin J 48 Bull
Moreau Kristin 48 Bull
Moreau Tyler 48 Bull
Morgan Keith 48 Cow
Murphy Judy 48 Cow
Phinney Randy 48 Bull
Phinney Tim 48 Cow
Rabishaw Karen 48 Cow
Tomasini Adam 55b Bull
Tremblay Roger 48 Bull
Trottier Jeffrey 48 Cow

*Scott Phinney gave back his cow tag and an internal draw was conducted and Judy Murphy won

Elk Results

Last Name First Name Bull/Cow
Bourgoin Adam Cow
Bourgoin Kerry Cow
Clouthier Geoff Cow
Fleury Kevin Cow
McMillan Tom Cow
Poirier James Bull
Turcotte Perry L Cow

A Message from your chief.

It has been brought to my attention that some of our hunters were not happy with the conservation letter that was part of the Moose draw mail out.  In it we asked that only one deer per family be taken so that the herd is not decimated.


If you have a large family I can understand why you may have to take two deer to sustain your family.  What I don’t abide by is hunters who go to a deer yard and shot every deer that they lay their eyes on.  Any hunter who does this is not only a poor excuse for a hunter, he is also a poor excuse for a man. The Algonquins in the past were honorable hunters who only took what they needed to sustain their families, and I would like to think that we can continue to follow in their path.


If hunting in deeryards continue to happen there will be no deer left for our children and grandchildren and the next seven generations. I would like the names of the people who do this brought forth to me and they will be brought before “Chief and Council” to explain their actions.  You are all protectors of the Deer, Moose and Elk herds, it is up to you to help me stop this practice from continuing.  The moose herds are also dropping in numbers, and if we do not help sustain them by not over harvesting their numbers will also dwindle.


Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation

Connie Mielke, ANR/Chief, Democratically elected in July 2017.

Kwey!  Welcome to our new site!

Representing people of Algonquin heritage living throughout our unceded Algonquin Territory and beyond.Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation



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