The Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation

Welcome and thank you for checking in on us. Now we really hope you can take some time out of your busy day to browse through our new website. We recently changed our website so we could reach out to all age groups within our community. We chose to make it more exciting, more informative and more interactive user friendly.

You will notice we added various new tabs for you to browse and/or read if you are at all interested in Algonquin Ancestry, Language, Culture, The Algonquin Provincial Park and New Recipes.

If you have any questions or require any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact information on the “Contact Us” tab or you can stop by for a visit. Our Community Office is located on the 2nd Floor, 2 International Drive, Pembroke, On. K8A 6W5.


We have changed our hours of operation as of April 01, 2022.

Monday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Tuesday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Wednesday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Thursday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Friday – Closed – Working from home, you can reach us at 613-633-7441

Saturday – Closed

Sunday – Closed

Statutory Holidays – Closed


Next Community / Elders Meeting Will Be:

May 29/2022 – Doors open at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Second Floor of the Alice & Fraser Recreational Center, Pembroke, Ontario

Added to this Meeting: Clan System Teaching By Aimee Bailey

Will take place at 1:00 pm before the actual meeting begins.


Indigenous Health & Wellness Meetings

Health & Wellness Meetings_Page_1

Health & Wellness Meetings-Circle of Turtle Lodge_Page_2


JBIYCWA_ 2022 Poster[2004]_Page_1

 Click on the (PDF) link below for more information

2022 James Bartleman Indigneous Youth Creative Writing Award – Call for Submissions (ENG-FRE)[2003]



The Moccasin Identifier Project

Contest Deadline was due by November 25/2021

But Hey, guess what?

The Winner of this Contest was one of our very own Community Members.

We are proud to announce the Contest Winner was:

Local Artisan Carley Meilleur.

And we would like to say “Thank you for Participating!”

“We are very proud of you!”

“Congratulations Carley!”


On Behalf Of The Algonquins Of Greater Golden Lake First Nation

The ANR/Chief – Connie Mielke, Administrative Assistant – Paul Laderoute and one of our Council Members – Hazel Turcotte will be attending this ceremony.

Moccasin Identifier Plaque Unveiling – Ottawa – May 11/2022 – 12:00-1:00 pm


Upcoming Event Announcement

midway 2

ACE Midway Father’s Day Weekend

June 16th, 2022 to June 19th 2022

This is a great opportunity to take Dad out for the ride of his life!

The Town of Petawawa is pleased to host the ACE Midway at the Petawawa Civic Centre from June 16-19th, 2022.

Where: Petawawa Civic Centre Parking Lot

Times: Thursday 5-10
Friday 5-10
Saturday 11-4 and 5-10
Sunday 12-5

Upcoming Event Announcement



Thursday, June 30/2022 – Sunday July 3/2022

Director of Community Services for the Town of Petawawa, Kelly Williams, says the Township of Petawawa and Town of Petawawa were brought together and amalgamated back on July 1st of 1997.

The Town of Petawawa is looking to put on a jam packed, fun filled 4-days, with something for everyone in the family.

A legacy project is also in the works for the 25th Anniversary Celebration that would see a 4-season Comfort Station set up along the Algonquin Trail in the Town of Petawawa.

Plans are also in the works possibly for a time capsule that can be dug up. Mayor Bob Sweet says a time capsule was buried 25-years-ago in 1997 at a local ball diamond.

Some of the proposed events for the 25th Anniversary Celebration includes a drive-in movie at the Civic Centre back 40, a petting zoo, rock climbing wall, slip and slide, picnic in the park, a craft show, busker fest, antique car show, charity run, live music and fireworks.

The Town of Petawawa 25th Anniversary Celebration is scheduled to start on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 and wraps up Sunday, July 3rd, 2022.

Upcoming Event Announcement


About this event

Come on out for a night of pure excitement that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is an event the entire family will enjoy. We will have bull-riding, barrel racing, bronc-riding and much more! You will not want to miss out on this event.

Petawawa Kubota Pro Rodeo 2022

by Black creek Rodeo Company

Fri.  Aug 26, 7:30 PM

16 Civic Centre Rd • Petawawa, ON

Starts at CA$30.82

Sat, Aug 27, 7:30 PM

16 Civic Centre Rd • Petawawa, ON

Starts at CA$30.82

Upcoming Event Announcement

Taste of the Valley Pic

Coming Soon!

2022 Renfrew County Taste of the Valley 

This is a celebration for home-grown, hand-made and/or hand-crafted items within Renfrew County!

For over a decade, Renfrew County Taste of the Valley has become increasingly popular with local residents, visitors and tourists.

The original concept for the Taste of the Valley was to promote and support local food producers in the Ottawa Valley. Over the years the events have grown to encourage an expanded focus on the notion of “taste” with the celebration of local food, products, art and culture.

Starts in August and continues through until October.

Live Taste of the Valley Events are being planned for Barry’s Bay, Eganville, Renfrew, Deep River, Arnprior and Cobden.

Once released, we will post more information and details on The Taste of the Valley Events so you can attend. Maybe we’ll bump into you at one of these locations!



May is Spring Clean up!


Out with the Old & In with the New!

Folks, it’s that time of year again, we should try to freshen-up our homesteads.

“The Best Time of the Year” to go through everything; do some de-cluttering and organizing.

Just like the old saying “If it has dust on it; I never used it. So it’s time to go!”

3 Options

You can donate some gently used items to a local facility.

You can haul some items to your nearest ECO/Waste station.

Or you can check and follow your Waste Schedule Pick-up Guide for that Special Pick-up Date in your area and put your items curbside.

Spring is well known for yard clean-up!

After being cooped-up all winter, it feels good to finally get out on a nice warm sunny day. You don’t realize, but you get to enjoy the beautiful fresh air, listen to the birds singing and get a bit of exercise while doing yard work such as: picking-up broken branches, raking leaves, repairing lawns, driveways, planting vegetable gardens, flowers, trees and shrubs.

We would like to share this Tidbit of Knowledge with you.

Cleaning the environment is the key to existence and survival of life on planet earth. Maintaining a clean environment reduces pollution, preserves our biosphere, protects endangered species, and also helps preserve the earth’s natural resources.

Let’s All Pitch-in and Clean-up Mother Earth!


Save bugs


Miss me Mosquito

Mosquito Remedies


Bees are essential to a healthy environment and healthy economy. We rely on them and other insects to pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables. But bees are under threat and without them so is our food and economy. You can make your garden, street and community bee-friendly.


  1. The reason bees are so noisy is because they beat their wings 11,400 times in one minute!
  2. Only female bees can sting. Male bees don’t have stingers.
  3. Honey bees communicate through a series of dance moves.
  4. A hive of bees will fly over 55,000 miles to make 1lb of honey and can create 100lbs of honey in a year.
  5. Bees can sense the hormone a human gives off when they’re scared. If they feel their hive is threatened, they’ll attack.
  6. The Honey Bee is the only insect that makes food man can eat.
  7. Each Honey Bee from the same hive has their own specific color identification.
  8. The Ancient Egyptian King Peppy II came up with a clever insect repellent. He would cover a slave completely with honey so they would be attracted to the honey and not him.
  9. Eating honey makes you smarter! It has an antioxidant that improves brain functions.
  10. One bee has 5 eyes! Check them out in the photo below.

Bee Photo


All we are saying is give bees a chance-1


This is a message to our local Community Member Artisans

We would like to propose an offer to you. We have come up with a new technique to assist you in advertising and/or selling your Arts/Crafts and/or items that you make or build.
We would like to post your names with some photos of your work on our website under the new “Artisans” tab.
This is a fantastic way for people to get to know you and to display your arts/crafts work.
Just contact us and we will do the rest!
As an additional bonus, you can contact Andrew Kenny the business owner of O’ Kenny Craft Spirits (Phone: 613-281-1825) to make arrangements with him. He has offered us some of his available space for our local Community Member Artisans to display their Artwork / Crafts and he will sell your items for you. His business is located just below us on the first floor.


To become a Community Member, please submit the Enrollment Application Form below.

Printable – Enrollment Form April 2020

Fill-able – AOO_Enrolment_Application_August2020_FILL

Please note this is the only enrollment form we will accept going forward, if you have a previous version please DO NOT use it.


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