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Covid-19 Vaccines are now being issued to all members 18+ in Ottawa and Renfrew County.

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Member Calvin King receiving a tablet donated to him from the AGGLFN

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The next community/elders meeting is “insert date here” located at the Alice and Fraser Rec Centre HAS BEEN CANCELED

Meeting Cancellation

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A Message from your chief.

It has been brought to my attention that some of our hunters were not happy with the conservation letter that was part of the Moose draw mail out.  In it we asked that only one deer per family be taken so that the herd is not decimated.


If you have a large family I can understand why you may have to take two deer to sustain your family.  What I don’t abide by is hunters who go to a deer yard and shot every deer that they lay their eyes on.  Any hunter who does this is not only a poor excuse for a hunter, he is also a poor excuse for a man. The Algonquins in the past were honorable hunters who only took what they needed to sustain their families, and I would like to think that we can continue to follow in their path.


If hunting in deeryards continue to happen there will be no deer left for our children and grandchildren and the next seven generations. I would like the names of the people who do this brought forth to me and they will be brought before “Chief and Council” to explain their actions.  You are all protectors of the Deer, Moose and Elk herds, it is up to you to help me stop this practice from continuing.  The moose herds are also dropping in numbers, and if we do not help sustain them by not over harvesting their numbers will also dwindle.


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