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The Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation
1692 Black Bay Road, Petawawa, ON K8H 2W8
Phone: 613-687-2608 Email: cpmielke@bell.net

September 2, 2021

Kwey Anii!    Members of Greater Golden Lake

I would like to take this time to sincerely thank all members who voted for me in this 2021 election. In doing so you have helped me to continue my work at the ANR table to promote and guide the ongoing treaty negotiations in a positive way.

And to those who did not vote for me, I hope that you will take the time to send me an email or give me a call and let me know what your concerns are so we can have a collaborative relationship in the future.

My contact information is at the top of the page, I hope to hear from you.

Megwetch/Thank You
Connie Mielke

Here are the results from the 2021 Election for GGL

election results

The full document can be seen by clicking the following link:
Greater Golden Lake


2021-2022 Harvest Draw Results

The draw took place Sunday Aug 15th at Connie Mielke’s place. Unfortunately due to covid restrictions we could not hold a public draw this year again. Paul Laderoute, John Chartrand, Kirk McCutcheon and Connie Mielke were in attendance and everything went smoothly. Here are the results:

Rifle Results

Last Name First Name Bull/Cow WMU
Bertrand Paul Bull 51
Boudens Kyle Cow 51
Bourgoin Kerry Cow 51
Bourgoin Perry Cow 51
Campbell Terry A Cow 48
Chartrand Calvin Bull 51
Chartrand Desiree Cow 51
Chartrand Melvin Cow 51
Chartrand Robbie Cow 51
Clouthier Dean Cow 48
Clouthier Gerard Bull 48
Clouthier Jeff Bull 51
Clouthier Kim Cow 51
Clouthier Perry Cow 51
Clouthier Wade Bull 65
Deloughery Patrick Cow 51
Brunette Joseph J Bull 51
Driscoll Randy Cow 51
Dubeault Mark Cow 51
Etmanskie Donald Bull 61
Fox Paula Bull 51
Gaudette Andre Bull 51
Godin Ben Bull 51
Godin Connor Cow 51
Hogue David A Bull 48
Kasaboski Shayne Cow 51
King Ernest B Bull 51
King Jamie Bull 51
Lapierre Todd Bull 51
Libby Jon Bull 55B
McCutcheon Bert Jr. Cow 51
McCutcheon Guy Cow 51
McMillan Tom Bull 55A
Phinney Allan Cow 48
Phinney Brien Bull 48
Renaud Thomas Bull 51
Schneider Darrell Cow 48
Turcotte Carl Mitchelle Bull 51
Turcotte Daniel A Bull 51
White Steven Bull 51
*This tag is drawn for members that have been consistently unsuccessful for several years.

*This tag is from tags that were generously given back and a second internal re-draw took place.

Bow Results

Last Name First Name Bull/Cow WMU
Bredlaw Michael Bull 48
Clouthier Clyde Bull 48
Clouthier Kristen Cow 48
Delorey Jessica Bull 48
Gorr Robbie Bull 48
Maika Noah Cow 48
McMillan Blair Bull 55B
Moreau Frank Cow 48
Moreau Tim Bull 48
Poirier Mary Ann Bull 48
Polley Mary Deborah Cow 48
Stiles Quinton Cow 48
Trottier Jeffrey Cow 48

Elk Results

Last Name First Name Bull/Cow
Bourgoin Perry Cow
Campbell Terry A Cow
Dubeault Mark Cow
Eno Allen D Cow
McMillan Tom Cow
Phinney Chad Cow

If you have and questions or concerns contact Paul Laderoute at 613-587-4360

There are several Community Tags left over, if you are interested in one please contact Paul Laderoute at 613-587-4360. first come first serve, you will not be out of next years draw also. WMU’s are 65, 63, 62, 61, 58, 57, 50


Notes for the upcoming election.

  • Community Specific Election Packages will be mailed to your Electors for whom we have mailing addresses on July 26, 2021. Please note that this mailout is in advance of July 30, 2021 as noted in the 2021 ANR Election Process.
  • This Package contains the following items:
    1. Final Results of the Nomination Process for the 2021 Election for the Position of Algonquin Negotiation Representative
    2. Instructions for Electors
    3. A colour-coded, pre-folded Mail-In Ballot marked “Mail-In Ballot”
    4. A Secrecy Envelope marked “Secrecy Envelope Ballot Only”
    5. A Declaration of Elector form (also colour-coded)
    6. A postage-paid Return Envelope addressed to the 2021 Algonquin Negotiation Representative Elections (Postage Paid in mailed in Canada)
  • Allow between 3-10 days for delivery (depending on region / postal code)
  • If an Elector indicates to you that they have not received their voting package please have them contact us directly so that we can assist them:

Eligible Electors from those Communities requiring elections may vote in one of three ways: (i) in-person at the Polling Station for their respective Communities, (ii) by mail, or (iii) via OneFeather, a secure online platform. Their AOO Access ID Number will be required to vote electronically. The AOO Access ID Number for Electors will be found on the letter from the Electoral Officer regarding the Final Results of the Nomination Process for the 2021 Election for the Position of Algonquin Negotiation Representative.


Electors can vote electronically by visiting the link provided below and clicking on the RED button to get started – they will then be guided through the voting process. Eligible electors will require their AOO Access ID Number along with a valid personal email in order to vote electronically. If Electors have misplaced or did not receive their AOO Access ID Number these individuals are encouraged to visit the link below and click the HELP button (bottom right) for assistance or contact 1-855-923-3006 directly.


Electronic voting will commence on Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 9:00 AM and will close on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 at 8:00 PM.


All Electors will also be given the option of voting by Mail-In Ballot, regardless of their place of residence. Each Mail-In Ballot is colour-coded to identify the Community with whom the Elector is affiliated but will not contain any information that would reveal the identity of the Elector. Electors who plan to vote using the Mail-In Ballot are encouraged to read the instructions contained within the Election Package carefully and then complete the steps in the check list. If Electors did not receive a Mail-In Ballot, they are also encouraged to contact the Electoral Officer.

Mail-In Ballots must be received by the Electoral Officer on or before Wednesday, September 1, 2021, or these votes will not be counted.

It is recommended that Electors mail their Ballot and Declaration of Elector as soon as possible following receipt to allow for possible delays in the mail.

If Electors do not vote by way of Mail-In Ballot, they may still vote in person at the Polling Station for their respective Community OR via OneFeather, a secure online platform. Again, their AOO Access ID Number will be required to vote electronically. Electors may only vote once.

For more information, on the electoral processes and guiding regulations can be found in the 2021 ANR Elections Process document. You may access this document online at www.tanakiwin.com/2021anrelections.


Member Calvin King receiving a tablet donated to him from the AGGLFN

Calvin pic 1Calvin pic 4

The next community/elders meeting is “insert date here” located at the Alice and Fraser Rec Centre HAS BEEN CANCELED

Meeting Cancellation

Upcoming meetings can be located under the “Next Meeting” tab if not noted here.


A Message from your chief.

It has been brought to my attention that some of our hunters were not happy with the conservation letter that was part of the Moose draw mail out.  In it we asked that only one deer per family be taken so that the herd is not decimated.


If you have a large family I can understand why you may have to take two deer to sustain your family.  What I don’t abide by is hunters who go to a deer yard and shot every deer that they lay their eyes on.  Any hunter who does this is not only a poor excuse for a hunter, he is also a poor excuse for a man. The Algonquins in the past were honorable hunters who only took what they needed to sustain their families, and I would like to think that we can continue to follow in their path.


If hunting in deeryards continue to happen there will be no deer left for our children and grandchildren and the next seven generations. I would like the names of the people who do this brought forth to me and they will be brought before “Chief and Council” to explain their actions.  You are all protectors of the Deer, Moose and Elk herds, it is up to you to help me stop this practice from continuing.  The moose herds are also dropping in numbers, and if we do not help sustain them by not over harvesting their numbers will also dwindle.


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