The Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation

Welcome and thank you for checking in on us. Now we really hope you can take some time out of your busy day to browse through our new website. We changed our website so we could reach out to all age groups within our community. We chose to make it more exciting, more informative and more interactive user friendly.

You will notice we added various new tabs for you to browse and/or read if you are at all interested in Algonquin Ancestry, Language, Culture, The Algonquin Provincial Park and New Recipes.

If you have any questions or require any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact information on the “Contact Us” tab.

Or you can stop by for a visit we are located on the 2nd Floor, 2 International Drive, Pembroke, On. K8A 6W5 above O’Kenny Craft Spirits.



The Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation’s team is happy to announce that we have created a Facebook Private Group for all members to join.

This initiative was undertaken to better communicate with members of our community.

Follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1265161470718708 and request to join.

Your request will be pending until one of our administrators approves your profile. You will also be asked to abide by the rules set up on this group. This will be taken seriously.

We will share all pertinent information with you on this group, as well as on the website and through newsletter.

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Monday To Thursday – 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Friday – Closed – Working from home, you can reach us at 613-633-7441

Saturday – Closed – Sunday – Closed

Statutory Holidays – Closed


14 Algonquin Ancestral Lines Being Protested

Angelique Atkinson

Frederick Ferris and Walter Ferris

Sophie Emelie Jamme dite Carriere

Jacques Kamiskwabininch-Hearing Completed

Francois Kawitadijik-Hearing Completed

Thomas Lagarde dit St. Jean

Toussaint Laronde

Hannah Mannell

Michel McDonald

Anna Mcdonald-Mcdonnell

Cecile McDonnell-Mawiskak

Louis Michiminanakwakwe-Hearing Completed

Joseph Paquette

Mary Petrin

For more information or updates on these 14 Ancestral Lines Being Protested click on the below Algonquin Tribunal Link which will take you to the AOO Website.

Algonquin Tribunal (Algonquins of Ontario)

Once you open this link below then locate the tab  “Algonquin Tribunal”.

For updates click on each Ancestor’s Name (located on the left side) then a different page will open. There are also links located at the bottom of each page with the initial reports and supporting documents.

Please keep in mind, this information will be updated according to the dates listed.

The outcome of the 14 Algonquin Ancestral Lines in question; will be your responsibility to prove.

Algonquin Tribunal


Note to Our Community Members / Elders

Your Assistance is Needed


More Proof is Required

If you or one of your family members have any photos, records, certificates or documentation with proof of Algonquin heritage for any of the 14 Ancestral Names listed; we ask you to please bring it forward as soon as possible and submit your proceedings along with your statements by email to:  tribunal@tanakiwin.com. 

If you are unable to do so, just bring your paperwork to our office and we will scan and send it in on your behalf.

We need your assistance in saving “The Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation Community.”

Miigwetch/Thank You


If you are a member and you would like to attend any of our Community / Elders Meetings, please contact us so we can add your contact information to our reminder email list or call list.

You can find our contact information on the “Contact Us”  Tab

Just give any one of us a call and we would be glad to add your information to which ever list you prefer to be contacted by for Upcoming Meeting Reminders.

Data Base Updates

Marital-status / Name Changed / Recently Moved / Phone Number Changed  / New Email Address /  Deceased

If you’d like to update your personal contact information or a family member ‘s with us such as: Married / Single / Name Changed / Change of Address / Phone Number / Email Address / Deceased.

  Please contact us so we can update our Data Base.

Miigwetch / Thank you

Next Community / Elders Meeting Will Be:


2023 Meeting Dates Are Not Scheduled Yet






Printable – Enrollment Form April 2020

Fill-able – AOO_Enrolment_Application_August2020_FILL

Please note this is the only enrollment form we will accept going forward.

If you have a previous version please DO NOT use it.


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Upcoming Event


Renfrew County Regional Science Fair

Petawawa Civic Centre, Civic Centre Road, Petawawa, ON, Canada

Sat Apr 1, 2023 12:00 PM

The 2023 Renfrew County Regional Science Fair is being held Saturday April 1, 2023 at the Petawawa Civic Centre!

Students from Grade 5 to 12 can register at: youthscience.ca/renfrew-county/ to present their science projects for chances to win cash prizes and entry into the Canada Wide Science Fair in Edmonton with the top 500 young scientists in Canada!

Students do not need to enter a school fair first, and the registration deadline is March 25, 2023.

Based on the guidance of the Renfrew County District Health Unit at the time of the event, the fair may need to be held virtually.

Upcoming Event


Showcase -1

Showcase in Petawawa

The Ottawa Valley’s largest home, leisure, and consumer show!

Friday Apr 28, 12:00–8:00 pm

Saturday Apr 29, 10:00-6:00 pm

Sunday Apr 30, 10:00-3:00 pm

Petawawa Civic Centre
16 Civic Centre Rd, Petawawa, ON

Three full days of your favorite Showcase experiences! Showcase is the Ottawa Valley’s largest home, leisure, and consumer show! * Are you a seasonal business that focuses on generating sales in…Read more on Facebook


“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.”



Creative Ways To Re-use Recycling

This comes with an added bonus, it will assist you in occupying the kids and/or grand-kids when they are bored to death on those cool, damp, dreary Spring Days! But you will need to take a trip to the Dollar Store first to collect your supplies.

Bottle Cap Art (Fish or Flower Scenery)


Supplies you will need:


  1. To make these little fishes you will need  milk caps and triangle shape pieces cut from cardstock paper. Start by gluing the triangle down on a blue sheet of paper. Squeeze some school glue onto one of your paper plates. Dip your bottle cap into the glue to give it a generous amount all around the rim and then glue the milk cap down overlapping the triangle to make the fish shape.
  2. Continue adding fish all over your paper. Finish them by gluing on a wiggly eye.
  3. To make the scales on our fish, we used fun Rainbow Glitter Glue. They come in little tubes that are easily handled by little hands and the glitter dries raised. I LOVE using glitter glue because it gives the same effect as traditional glitter, but without all the mess. Make scales on the bottle cap and also lines to define the tail fin. The variety of colors made this extra fun for the kids.
  4. Use a black marker to draw a mouth on your fish. It probably would have been easier for the kids to draw the mouth on before using the glitter glue (just a heads up) that way they don’t accidentally smear glitter glue on their fingers or all over their fish.
  5. To make the bubbles, dip the end of a paper straw in white paint and then pressed it onto your paper. The key to getting this to work properly is to make sure the white paint doesn’t bubble over the hole at the end of the straw. Every time we dipped the straw in the paint we had to turn it up and blow into the straw to pop the bubble if there was one. If you don’t blow the bubble out, you will just get a solid circle.
  6. Now you can stop right here and enjoy your fishy scene, but if you want to add more detail to your scene you can crunch up little strips of green tissue paper and glue them to the bottom of your paper to make water plants.

Spring Birds from Recycled CDs or DVDs


This Spring Birds Recycled CDs or DVDs is such an easy kids’ crafts idea that your little ones will absolutely adore it. They’ll love being able to use their favorite paper design and feathers. Animal crafts are always a lot of fun for kids, especially when you use recycled items into the mix. It is a lot easier to gather recycled materials for a craft project at the last minute. So when your little ones get that sudden urge to craft, this will be the project they will enjoy the most.


  • CD or DVD
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Orange card stock or construction paper
  • Large googly eye
  • Feathers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • White craft glue


  1. Trace CD onto scrapbook or decorative paper.
  2. Cut the circle out of the scrapbook or decorative paper and cover the back with glue stick.
  3. Press the sticky side of the paper circle to the CD.
  4. Cut a small triangle from orange paper and glue to the front of the CD, sticking out over the edge.
  5. Glue a feather to the top of the CD. Glue a feather to the right side (back) of the CD for the tail and another to the front (center) of the CD for the wing.
  6. Add a googly eye with white craft glue.
  7. Glue some paper clouds or cotton ball clouds to create the scenery.

Insect Egg Carton Art




Kids can make their own buzzing and colorful insects in just a few steps with this Egg Carton Craft. This recycled craft is bright and oh-so-fun because your kids get to paint all they want in their favorite colors. These easy instructions show your kids how to use other familiar crafting supplies such as tissue paper pipe cleaners and bobble eyes to finish off their creations. This is good time to teach your kids some fun facts about this beautiful insects.

Materials Needed:

  • Paint
  • Egg carton (6 cup side)
  • White card stock paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Scissors

To create your Dragon Fly

Start by cutting up an egg carton so you have 6 cups connected (this is the dragonfly’s body). Have the kids paint it whatever colors they want. We used a light blue, darker blue, and purple.

Cut out some dragonfly wings from white card stock paper. Cut up squares out of tissue paper and glue them all over the wings. Poke a knife or pen into the front and add small pipe cleaner antennas. Once the paint is all dry, glue the wings on top of the second “cup” of the egg carton. Note that the wings might curl up during drying so you might want to put some heavy objects on it.

Homemade Tin-Can Wind Chimes


Rummaged through your recycling bins to find tin cans in various shapes and sizes, including some lids.

If you are working inside, lay down some newspaper, cardboard, plastic or even a shower curtain to contain the mess.

To make homemade wind chimes, you will need:

  • cleaned out tin cans
  • paint
  • string/yarn
  • hammer
  • nail
  • metal washers or nuts
  • glitter (optional)
  • tape (optional)


If the rim has sharp edges put scotch tape inside the can around the rim to prevent any cuts.

Paint the outside of the cans with various colors of acrylic paint.

Sprinkle glitter on the can while paint is still wet.

Once paint is dry, punch a hole in the bottom of the can with the hammer and nail.

String various lengths of  string or yarn through the holes in the cans and tie two washers onto one end of the string or yarn inside the cans. One washer is used to hold the string or yarn in place inside the can, the other washer is tied (about one inch to two inches down inside the can). This will be the end of the string or yarn and it will make a lovely clanking sound when it hits the other tin cans.


You could also use nuts or rocks instead of washers. You just need something that is hard enough to make a noise when it hits inside the can.

Different size washers make different noises. Different size tin cans make different noises, too.

Hang up the tin cans so that they overlap each other.

Now let the wind do its thing and enjoy the beautiful new sounds.

Plastic Hanging Bottle Planters & Terrariums


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Create a hanging garden

Large plastic bottles become beautiful hanging planters in this green-living and green-thumb project. This is a fantastic way to make a gorgeous hanging garden in any area.

Build beautiful terrariums

A large size plastic bottle gets a second life! It becomes a museum-worthy terrarium as well as beautiful décor for any home. Don’t forget to add the activated charcoal and moss for plastic bottle terrariums that flourish.


Message from a fury friend

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Easy to Build DIY Bird Feeders 

Milk Cartons-Juice Jugs by-Alli-Shaw.-April-2020.-Recycled-bird-feeders
Toilet Paper Tubes
Tin Cansbirdfeeder-craft-1280x720

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