Here is the 2020 Harvest Cover Letter from the Chief:

1. Harvest News Letter GGL 2020-2021

Here is the Changes to the WMU51 harvest area for 2020:

2. Outreach_2020-2021_Changes_AOO_Algonquin Park_Harvest Area_w_Maps_Reduced

Here is the 2020 Applications for Adult Moose and calf, as well elk: w. maps

3. 2020-2021_Community_Harvest Update_ Newsletter


Applications should be mailed, dropped off or e-mailed to:

Connie Mielke / Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation

1692 Black Bay Road, Petawawa, ON K8H 2W8

Email: cpmielke@bell.net or paulthewall@nrtco.net





Please also fill out the following Questionnaires as well after the harvest ends. your feedback is much appreciated in protecting the herd in the years to come.

4. 2020-2021_Moose Harvest Questionnaire

5. 2020-2021_Elk Harvest Questionnaire



2019 Harvest Result

Rifle Results
Last Name First Name Bull/Cow WMU
Boulanger Todd Bull 51
Bourgoin Greg Cow 51
Caughey Jeff Bull 55B
Caughey Jimmy Bull 51
Chartrand Robbie Cow 51
Chartrand Tom Bull 51
Clouthier Andy Cow 51
Clouthier Corey J Cow 51
Clouthier Dean Bull 48
Clouthier Thomas Wade Bull 65
Clouthier Willis Cow 48
Driscoll Kevin Bull 51
Driscoll Randy Cow 51
Fox Paula Cow 48
Gaudette Andre Bull 51
Gendron Larry Bull 48
Godin Brian Bull 51
Godin Gerry Cow 51
Godin Lloyd Cow 51
Harwood Kory Bull 51
Kasaboski Raymond Cow 51
Labelle Justin Cow 48
Laderoute Lawrence Bull 51
Mathieu Vance Bull 51
McCutcheon Bert Jr. Cow 51
McCutcheon Wade Bull 51
McMillan Christopher Bull 55A
McMillan Tom Cow 55A
Meilleur Keith Bull 51
Miron Robert Bull 51
Paquette Gerard Cow 51
Paquette Virgil Bull 51
Renaud Thomas Cow 51
Richards Wayne B. Bull 57
Roberts Shane Cow 48
Sauve Ronald Jr. Cow 51
Schneider Darrell Bull 48
Turcotte Daniel Cow 51
Turcotte Richard Cow 51
Turcotte Richard E Bull 51
Vandenbaar Josh Cow 51
This tag was drawn for members that have been consistently unsuccessful for several years.
Bow Results
Last Name First Name WMU Bull/Cow
Beauchamp Tyler Cow 48
Borutski Lori Bull 48
Campbell Terry A Bull 48
Clouthier Michael R Bull 48
Clouthier Shannon Cow 48
Clouthier Tim Bull 48
Laroche Joshua Cow 48
Moreau Joey Cow 48
Moreau John Cow 48
Moreau Nicholas Bull 48
Moreau Steve Cow 48
Phinney Allan Cow 48
Phinney Bruce Bull 48
Schnieder Shawn Bull 55B
Watson Cheryl Cow 48
These 2 names returned there tags and an internal draw was done to select new winners
These are the winners of the internal draw
Elk Results
Last Name First Name Bull/Cow
Bourgoin Jerry Cow
Bourgoin Perry Cow
Chartrand Melvin Cow
Clouthier Adam Christopher Cow
Eno Barry G. Cow
King Betty Cow
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