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The Moccasin Identifier Project

Contest Deadline was due by November 25/2021

The Winner of this Contest was one of our very own Community Members.

We are proud to announce the Contest Winner was:

Local Artisan Carley Meilleur.

We would like to say “Thank you for Participating!”

“We are very proud of you!”

“Congratulations Carley!”


On Behalf of The Algonquins Of Greater Golden Lake First Nation

The ANR/Chief – Connie Mielke, Administrative Assistant – Paul Laderoute and one of our Council Members – Hazel Turcotte attended this ceremony.

Moccasin Identifier Plaque Unveiling

Ceremony Was Held In Ottawa – May 11/2022 – 12:00-1:00 pm





Ottawa River Designation

Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation takes part in Heritage River Designation – Ottawa River Designation – EL; Arnprior Chronicle Article;

Kwey, Anii.  Asiniwadjiw Mishibishou Ikwe nidijinakaz.  Black Bay Petawawa nidonjiba.
Benishi nindodem, omamiwinini anishabe Ikwe.

My name is Connie Mielke; I am the Algonquin Negotiation Representative for the community of the Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake First Nation. I am here as a representative for The Algonquins of Ontario.

Water, the blood of our Mother Earth, is precious. It lives, it can sense what we are saying and it can speak to us, if we listen closely enough. The need to be near water is and was apparent, fresh water is a necessity of life.

Because water carries life to us, and women carry life through their bodies, women have been given the responsibility to take care of the water. To protect it, and to respect it. It is our duty, to pass on this knowledge and understanding of water to our younger women and girls, to all Anishinaabe people, and to the whole of humankind. We must remember to protect the water in order for us to survive.

The Ottawa River, or Kichissippi, is the heart Algonquin territory. Many important tributaries (such as Black Bay and the Petawawa River) flow into it from both Ontario and Quebec side of the territory. These tributaries historically provided the Algonquin access to their interior hunting and trapping lands. While the Ottawa itself provided the Algonquin with a culturally and economical connection with distant nations such as those as far away as the Atlantic Seaboard and western Canada.

Though it may be hard to visualize today with the sheltering old growth gone, and large parking lots, but this popular beach area was once an Algonquin village.  From this strategic location, Algonquins would paddle out to intercept or to welcome passers-by, and escort them to their village here to trade. It was through our positioning along this mighty river and with our intimate knowledge of this watershed, that the early development and expansion of what would become Canada was made possible.


Algonquin Wayfinding Wheel

Connie Mielke, Hazel Turcotte, Paul Laderoute & Denise Chaput were proud to attend the Unveiling Ceremony of The Algonquin Wayfinding Wheel held on October 12, 2021 at the City Hall in Ottawa, Ontario.




Wheel-6                            Wheel-2



Minwamon Building Opening

Chief/ANR Connie Mielke attended this Grand Opening Event at the CNL Plant in Chalk River, Ontario on December 3, 2021.

For more photos click the link below

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