Job Opportunity: Member – AMENDMENT, Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada

Wallet: Environment and Climate Change

Organization: Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada

Position Title: Member – AMENDMENT

Type: Part-time

Daily rate: $250

Rental: All provinces and territories

Application Review Date: April 16, 2023

Appointment Opportunity Number: J0322-1375

Position information, Education and Experience criteria, including Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, and Eligibility Factors have changed as of January 31, 2023.

The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada is responsible for advising the Minister responsible for the Parks Canada Agency on the designation of places, persons and events that have marked and shaped Canada’s history.

As a member representing your province or territory, you will:

  • participate in the assessment process and make recommendations to the Minister with the authority to designate places, events or persons of national historic significance;
  • advising the Minister on the Heritage Railway Stations Program, the First Ministers’ National Grave Sites Program and the Heritage Lighthouse Program;
  • participate in biannual meetings of the whole Commission as well as meetings of Commission committees, held as required;
  • communicate the Commission’s position on specific heritage issues at public meetings, media interviews, and in communications with groups and individuals;
  • act as Master of Ceremonies at the unveiling ceremonies of the Commission’s commemorative plaques, and represent the Commission at other events as requested; and
  • monitor heritage initiatives and issues in their province or territory and advise Parks Canada officials and the Commission on these issues as required.

More information about the organization and its activities can be found on the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada website.

Diversity and Official Languages

The Government of Canada will take into account the bilingualism and diversity of applicants. Therefore, we encourage you to indicate in your online profile your understanding of the second official language and your ability to express yourself in that language. Preference may be given to individuals who belong to one of the following groups: women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minorities.

In order for your application to be considered, ensure that the information provided in your resume and cover letter clearly demonstrates how you meet each of the following criteria:

Education and experience

Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

  • The history of Canada;
  • OR experience as a knowledge keeper, elder or cultural advisor for an Indigenous community.
  • A graduate degree in a field related to the responsibilities of the Commission would be considered an asset;
  • Experience in the practical application of knowledge or community involvement in heritage protection, historical commemoration or other areas of expertise related to the responsibilities of the Commission; and
  • Experience in committee or committee work or decision-making by consensus.

If your application is selected for a thorough review, the following criteria will be evaluated:

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Knowledge of the mandate and activities of the Commission;
  • Knowledge of:
    • the history of Canada;
    • OR cultural trends that have shaped the province or territory represented.
  • Knowledge and experience in the fight against racism, would be considered an asset;
  • Ability to place provincial/territorial or Indigenous issues of interest in a national context;
  • Ability to act as spokesperson for the Commission in dealing with the media and various stakeholders (e.g. at commemorative plaque unveiling ceremonies or other community events); and
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and provide sound advice.

Language requirements

The ability to read in both official languages is an asset. Knowledge of an Aboriginal language is an asset.

If your application proceeds to the next stage of the process, we will contact your references to validate that you meet the criteria of the above-mentioned selection and that you have the following personal qualities:

  • Excellent command of oral communication
  • Open-mindedness and impartiality
  • Excellent judgment and discretion
  • Respectful and inclusive
  • Collaborative spirit

Eligibility Factors and Conditions of Employment

  • Appointees must comply with the Guidelines on Ethics and Political Activities for Public Office Holders throughout their term of office as a term and condition of employment. These guidelines are available on the Governor in Council Appointments website under “Forms and Reference Documents“.
  • All appointees will be subject to the Conflict of Interest Act. In addition, full-time public office holders must submit a confidential report to the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner within 60 days of the date of appointment, in which they disclose their assets and liabilities and outside activities. For more information, please visit the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner’s website.
  • Appointees will be expected to uphold the highest standards of probity and demonstrate respectful workplace behaviours that are respectful, equal and dignified to all persons with whom they interact at work, at all times. “The Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector” describes the values and behaviours expected of public servants, including valuing diversity and creating work environments free from harassment and discrimination. Governor in Council appointees will be expected to uphold and uphold these values and principles in a positive and active manner.
  • A person is not eligible to be appointed or continue to represent a province or territory unless the person resides in that province or territory (subsection 4(2) of the Historic Sites and Monuments Act). (Prescribed by law)
  • You are willing to travel anywhere in Canada, if needed.
  • You are willing to spend up to 35 days a year on Board business.
  • Applications from all provinces and territories are being accepted. Candidates residing in provinces and territories whose seats are or will soon be vacant will be screened on a priority basis: Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Candidates from other provinces and territories may be added to a list of qualified candidates for future vacancies.

A link to this announcement will appear in the Canada Gazette to allow the Governor in Council to identify qualified individuals for this position. However, recruitment is not limited to this one way of doing things.

A pool of qualified candidates could be established and used for similar appointment opportunities.

How to apply

The review of applications (additional information here) will begin on April 16, 2023. Candidates should submit their application online through the Governor in Council Appointments website. We strongly encourage applicants to submit their applications by this date. Applications submitted thereafter will be retained and may be considered until appointment to the position. Your cover letter should be addressed to the Director of Selection Processes, Senior Personnel Secretariat, Privy Council Office, and should be sent through the online application only.
Instructions on how to apply for an appointment opportunity can be found on the Governor in Council Appointments website.

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