Canada Lands Company (CLC) – Upcoming Procurement Notification

Canada Lands Company (CLC) is seeking the following procurements. CLC asks that interested Algonquin businesses with expertise in these areas contact Stefanie Potvin-Caissie ( by noon on February 17, 2023, so that CLC can pre-qualify firms prior to procuring these services. Alternatively, if you or anyone you know is interested and has further questions, please contact Hailey at or 343-999-3840.

  • RFP Social Equity for NCR
    • The Company is seeking the services of a consultant to develop a social equity strategy for the Company’s real estate development projects in the National Capital Region. The goal of the social equity strategy is to develop a strategic roadmap that will embed social equity and inclusion across all facets of our real estate development projects.
  • Pricing Inquiry Bee Keeping for NCR
    • The scope of work includes the installation and maintenance of the beehives. Extraction of the product will also be required and used to support education and community building with area residents.
  • RFP Park 7 and 8 Construction and Phase 2 ROW for Wateridge Village
    • The scope of work includes the construction of Park#7, #8 and right or way landscaping in Phase 2 of Wateridge Village.
  • RFP Site Servicing Phase 4 and Phase 1A/B concrete and asphalt for Wateridge Village
    • The scope of work includes water, sewer, concrete, asphalt and utility installation for Phase 4 and curbs, sidewalks and multi-use pathways in Phase 1A/1B.

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