Contact North

Bored at home ? In need of a little bit of challenge ? Why don’t you get your defree, diploma or certificate, or upgrade your skills online without leaving your community with Contact North ?

Enrol in one of more than 2,600 online programs and 42,000 online courses from Ontario’s 24 public colleges, 23 public universities, 9 Aboriginal institutes, 76 district school boards, 200 literacy and basic skills training providers and 20 skills development training providers, without leaving your community.

Are you interested in :

  • Learning about budgeting or the basics of credit, loans, and interest ? If the answer is yes, the Banking and Everyday Math course could be for you!
  • Learning what soft skills are, and why employers are looking for employees who have them ? If the answer is yes, the Soft Skills for Work course might be for you !
  • Learning the basics when using the Internet and email ? If the answer is yes, the Introduction to Internet and email course might be for you !

You want to study online but don’t have the equipment you need? Contact North can help with a free loaner laptop and internet for remote and distance learning courses, web-based courses, and training! Equipment is shipped within five business days of approval and free technical support is available to get you started right away!

If you are interested, please contact your Community and Development Coordinator, Maurane Poirier, at She will be able to put you in contact with the Pembroke Contact North representative and help you enroll in a course!

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