The Circle of Turtle Lodge January Update

Kwey kwey, aaniin, boozhoo!

Happy 2022! We hope the recent holiday season was good to you and wish you all the very best as we begin this new calendar year.

As you’re likely already experiencing yourself in other ways, COVID-19 continues to interrupt our plans for upcoming Circle of Turtle Lodge programming too.  As the virus continues to spread with increased rapidity, affecting our wellbeing and that of friends and families within our community, we have decided to take a little pause to allow for extra rest and recuperation before returning to our “regular programming” such as offering virtual Talking Circles and language classes.

However, we have every expectation these activities will resume again in February. Stay tuned for February’s schedule at the end of this month or beginning of the next!

Unfortunately, this means our plans to begin our book club will also be postponed. This decision was also informed by the unfortunate reality that the book we hoped to read together, The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams, is completely out of stock in Canada with little hope of being restocked until its next printing – also delayed because of COVID-19 production and shipping issues.

We will revisit our bookclub plans once this book is readily available again. Alternatively, if you have suggestions for a different book to read as a group, please send us an email, directed to, with your recommendation(s). 

Needless to say we hope 2022 will have us seeing more of each other and, if not the end of the pandemic, at least some indications that it will end soon.

May you stay safe and well. Madjashin!

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