Getting Through January and Covid19

We all know how difficult living under restrictions can be. I’ve put together a list of free, online resources for you, your team, and your members to review as needed.

Western University – Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children – Short Courses

  • Document, Monitor, Collaborate: A Primer on Domestic Violence Risk Assessment & Management
  • Domestic Violence Risk Assessment and Management
  • Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence
  • Neighbors, Friends and Families: Working Together to End Abuse

Georgian College – Webinars and Podcasts

  • Leading Through Uncertainty
  • Coaching from a Distance
  • Maintaining Team Motivation While Working Virtually
  • Time Management in a Virtual Environment
  • Working Remotely with Generations
  • Preparing Your Team for Return to Work
  • Building a Trauma Informed Workplace After Covid19
  • Personal Finance During Covid19
  • Grief and Compassion in the Workplace (part 1 and 2)

University of Toronto

  • Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During Covid19 (approx.. 3 hours to complete).

If any of the above topics are of interest to your or your clients, please reach out to me. As always, I can assist with finding other learning opportunities as needed.

Please take care and be safe!



Sarah St Michael

Education & Training Representative

Serving the Pembroke Region

Ottawa-Carleton Territory 

Contact North | Contact Nord


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