Upcoming Virtual Talking Circles for June

Kwey kwey, aanin, boozhoo!

We are excited to share our upcoming Virtual Talking Circles for the month of June with you:

June 9th, 7-8pm: Beading with Mel 
Bring your own beading project and Melanie Ross-Lacaille will be there to share her knowledge and encouragement. All levels of beaders welcome. 

June 19th, 1-2:30pm: Migration Story
Learn about the Anishinaabe Migration Story and how it shows our connection to other Indigenous Nations with Aimee Bailey.

June 23rd, 7-8pm: Moon Teaching and Personal Thoughts with Michele
Learn with us as Michele Gaudry shares a Moon Teaching and her personal thoughts on this important topic.

June 26th, 11am-12pm: All About Ribbon Skirts
Learn more about ribbon skirts, what they mean and why they are worn with Nigik Sibi.
 Please note: These events are free and for our members only. If you would like to sign up for any or all of these Virtual Talking Circles please contact Leigh (leigh_k_m@hotmail.com) for the Zoom link(s). If you know someone of Indigenous heritage who would like to attend, please direct them to Leigh who can start the membership registration process (please note, this may take a few days). Miigwetch!

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