Funding Opportunity: Ministry of Transportation – Transportation Initiatives Fund

What is TIF?

TIF is a competitive, application-based funding program delivered through the Indigenous Relations Branch at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

It is open to Indigenous communities and organizations in Ontario interested in pursuing transportation-related projects.

Indigenous communities and organizations in Ontario are eligible to apply for TIF funding through Transfer Payment Ontario.

The Proposed project must be related to the transpiration sector.

The proposed project must be connected to at least one (1) of the following priority themes: Economic Development/Recovery, Transportation Mobility, or Community Well-Being & Transportation Safety.

You will need to include a brief project proposal, work plan, and budget in your application. You will also need to upload a letter of support from an approved list of endorsers to your application. More details are available in the application guide here.

Please direct all questions the Indigenous Relations Branch at if you have any questions related to the TIF.

The intent of TIF is to enable Indigenous communities and organizations to advance transportation-related initiatives that encourage capacity-building and involve culturally and locally responsive solutions. The funding can be used towards initiatives in Ontario that benefit Indigenous peoples in urban, rural and reserve settings.

For the 2021-2022 TIF application intake, applicants can apply to one of two funding streams: a small projects stream for initiatives up to $30,000, and a large projects stream for initiatives up to $75,000.

Proposed projects must be related to the transportation sector and connected to one or more of the following three themes:

  • economic development or recovery;
  • transportation mobility; and/or
  • community well-being and transportation safety

Application deadline is May 20, 2021 at 5 PMFor more details click here.

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