Bruce Power Apprenticeship – Indigenous Employment Program Application

Please feel free to share these links with your Chief and community members.  This will give them the opportunity to create a profile click here<> for Bruce Power’s Indigenous Employment Program.  This will put you into our inventory.  You will be able to upload your resume as well and we can look at your current qualifications.  Please ensure that you have completed the questions with your First Nation, Metis or Inuit (FNMI) affiliation.

With your completed profile/application, we are able to:

 *   Highlight your profile to the Bruce Power Recruitment Team (those who meet minimum requirements)
 *   Make referrals to our Supplier partners
 *   Make referrals to the Building Trade Unions
 *   Make referrals to training programs (for those that do not meet the minimum requirements):
    *   Pre-Apprenticeship Programs
    *   Work Placements (with our Indigenous organization partners)
    *   Indigenous Education & Work Experience Opportunity
 *   Keep you updated on upcoming Job Fairs and related events

We encourage you to read Bruce Power’s Indigenous Employment Guide<> to learn more about our program. The *Updated* Indigenous Employment Guide will be uploaded to our external website in the coming days, so please continue to monitor this so you have the correct version.  I am also including the link for Bruce Power’s Careers webpage<>.  Please apply to any roles that meet your qualifications and let us know when you have applied so we can highlight your resume to the lead recruiter.  Alternately, when an opportunity becomes available that matches your skillset, we will reach out to you and request that you apply.

We will be watching for your profile to appear in our inventory!

And as a final note, we want to share that Bruce Power is a proud Platinum Sponsor for Skills Ontario<> and is working closely with their Community Outreach Team in the FNMI space.  We will be participating in a job fair/information sharing event in the Golden Lake/Ottawa region in April this year.  

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