Request for Proposal: Reflection/Inflection Arts Response Project

Request for Proposal: Reflection/Inflection Arts Response Project

The City of Ottawa Public Art Program is issuing this Request for Proposals to select a professional, qualified and experienced artist team or artist studio/consulting firm to develop and implement a comprehensive civic arts strategy. The civic arts strategy will respond to local community change taking place in the Byron Linear Park and Richmond Road area of Ottawa.

The Byron Linear Park and Richmond Road community is being heavily impacted by the construction of the O-Train, a new light rail transit system that will replace bus services in transitways across the city. The green space (Byron Linear Park) will be upturned, trees removed, station and rail developed underground, and a new park laid back on top. In addition, retail has been removed and streetscapes are being redesigned along Richmond Road. Transit routes are changing, and new retail and condo development will be built. The neighbourhood and the transit experience will be altered for residents. This disruption and change will have an effect on the community including residents, and visitors for the next 2 to 3 years.

The Reflection/Inflection Arts Response Project offers the selected artist team/studio the space and time required to implement a civic arts strategy with City of Ottawa financial and resource support. This project is based on a set of minimum specifications that can be expanded upon and shall remain flexible and responsive to the ongoing outcomes of the project and current worldwide social issues.

This project is made possible through the City of Ottawa’s public art policy and is funded through the 1% for the O-Train Public Art Program budget and managed by the City’s Public Art Program. The Public Art Program is committed to increasing awareness and appreciation of the visual arts in Ottawa by collecting, commissioning and exhibiting works of art and values the importance of fostering relationships between artists, cultural workers and change-makers.

Budget: $700,000 Canadian Dollars plus Harmonized Sales Tax

Project Contact: Katherine Ingrey, Public Art Officer,

To learn more click here.

Deadline for Submission November 30, 2020 at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time

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