Procurement Opportunity: Canada Lands Company Pre-Qualifying Algonquin Businesses for Upcoming Opportunities in a Range of Disciplines



Canada Lands Company CLC Limited (CLC) will be issuing a number of Requests for Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotes (RFQ) as well as will be soliciting quotes in a range of disciplines for its projects at Wateridge Village in the City of Ottawa. In advance of doing so, CLC is currently inviting Algonquin businesses with expertise in any one of the disciplines outlined below, to become prequalified for an invitation to participate in the relevant process.


Interested Algonquin businesses must contact Katherine Constantine, Director, Real Estate, National Capital Region, CLC (contact details provided below) to determine if they meet the prequalification requirements of a specific opportunity. If so, that business would then be formally invited to participate in the respective process once it has been initiated by CLC. To determine if your business prequalifies, please contact Katherine Constantine, no later than 12 PM on Monday, June 1, 2020






  1. RFP for Contractor to install Hydro, Concrete Works (Sidewalks and Concrete Curbs), Asphalt Pathways and Top Lift Asphalt (Phase 2 at Wateridge Village)
    • Contractor to complete civil works associated with utility installation (hydro/bell/cable/gas/Canada Post), concrete curbs, concrete sidewalks, asphalt walkways, bus stop pads, streetlights, and top lift asphalt.
    • Contractor will be required to complete all sampling and laboratory analysis of concrete and asphalt installed.
  2. RFP for Lead Consultant – Subdivision Registration and Site Servicing – Phase 3 & 5 Wateridge Village


Lead Consultant shall provide the following services to support subdivision registration, site servicing, procurement and contract administration, plan review and site inspection of development in Phase 3 and Phase 5 of Wateridge Village

  • Planning: Obtain clearance of all conditions of subdivision approval in Phase 3 and 5 including the preparation of all supporting reports, analysis/property investigations and coordination/negotiation with the City of Ottawa, NCC, MOECC and any relevant approval agency.
  • Civil Engineering/Transportation/Geotechnical/Noise Impact/Environmental-Natural Systems: Prepare and secure approval of detailed design drawings for internal roadways, lot grading, storm water systems, storm water management facility, LID features, transportation/geotechnical/environmental studies, sanitary sewer systems and water supply systems, including all calculations and documentation required by the approving authorities. This includes the preparation of all supporting reports, cost estimates, easement plans, composite utility plans, engineering plans and reports, permits and investigations required to support the site services required in Phase 3 and 5 and to satisfy the conditions of subdivision approval. Design and construction of a storm water management feature and Low Impact Development features will be required. Site inspections during site servicing, road construction, sidewalk/pathways and top lift asphalt applications as well as grading inspections during pregrading and through builder construction. Construction contract administration and procurement will be required.
  • Landscape Architecture: Prepare street tree planting plan and detailed design plans for Park # 3 and Park # 5.
  • Architecture: Prepare architectural controls and urban design guidelines; prepare concept plans (2D and 3D) and property bios for Phase 3 and Phase 5 to satisfy subdivision registration and marketing.


  1. RFP for Contractor to construct LID features and Bioswales in Phase 1A (Mikinak and Codd’s Road)


    • Contractor to construct Low Impact Development feature within the right of way of Mikinak Road and Codd’s Road. This includes connections to existing storm sewer, removal and replacement of curbs, sod and asphalt and all landscaping.


  1. RFQ for Architectural Review – Wateridge Village
    • Design Review of builder site plan application/submissions, including post construction architectural design inspections, in the context of a set of architectural guidelines that CLC have developed for Wateridge Village/ Village des Riverains.
    • Term of contract 36 months from award






Interested Algonquin businesses with expertise in any one of the above-noted areas are invited to contact Katherine Constantine to determine if they meet the requirements to be pre-qualified for an invitation to participate in the relevant process no later than 12 noon on Monday, June 1, 2020.


Katherine Constantine

Director, Real Estate, National Capital Region

Canada Lands Company

100 Queen Street, Suite 1050, Ottawa, ON K1P 1J9

Tel: 613-564-3023





















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