Expression of Interest: Atrscape Atelier at Zibi – Artist Resiency

Artscape, in association with Zibi, is hosting a collaborative artist residency program to bring artists into the design and animation of the site of this new community. We are inviting artists from the National Capital Region and from the Algonquin Anishinaabe communities of Ontario and Quebec to submit their expressions of interest to participate in this paid residency program.

Artscape is inviting artists or teams to submit an expression of interest by February 21, 2020. Interested parties will be considered for selection into a residency comprised of 5 projects. As part of this selection, you may be asked to clarify some aspect of your qualifications before a final decision is made.

Selection will be determined based on the follow objectives:

  1. bringing together a diverse range of artistic practices or disciplines
  2. matching artistic practices and portfolios with potential needs and opportunities on Zibi site
  3. a demonstrated ability to produce high quality work


Once selected, an artist or team will receive a stipend of $10,000 spread over the 7 months, as part of their overall participation in the residency, including public talks and sessions with the Zibi development team. At the beginning of the residency, each artist or team will engage in collaborative design sessions with the Zibi development team and Residency Manager to determine an additional budget of up to $20,000 for an art project.  This budget will reflect the type of project ultimately chosen, including the materials and equipment needed for completion.

Artists will have access to studio and storage space on the Zibi site, which will also be used to facilitate collaborative discussions and events.

It is possible that over the course of 2020, and into 2021, new opportunities for paid work will emerge at Zibi. Artists or teams not selected to participate in the initial residency cohort may still be considered for new opportunities as they develop. Your expression of interest will place you on a roster of potential artists or teams for future residencies.

Expression of Interest Requirements

As part of your Expression of Interest, we are looking for the following:

  1. A written response (maximum 2 pages) which answers:
  • Why are you interested in participating in this residency program?
  • What type(s) of artistic practice would you be interested in exploring during your residency?
  1. A snapshot of your relevant portfolio, including 5-10 images of past work 3. Your professional CV

You are also asked to provide contact information, including your address, email address and phone number.

To view or download the full Request for Expressions of Interest, click here.


To submit your expression of interest, click here.


The deadline to submit your expression of interest is February 21, 2020.

Late or Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

If you are unable to deliver your submission electronically, you may submit on paper. Please contact Artscape by email at

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