Upcoming Workshops at the NETC North Bay Campus North Bay ON – November & December 2019

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Upcoming Workshops at the NETC North Bay Campus – November & December 2019




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Building Your Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills Workshop


November 26 & 27/19


A Healthy self-esteem is essential for growth and achieving success. Of all the judgement you make in life, none is as important as the one you make about yourself. Without some measure of self-worth, life can be painful and unrelenting. In this two-day workshop, you will discover some techniques that can dramatically change how you feel about yourself, and how you approach the world yo get the things that you want.


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Minute-Taker’s Workshop


December 3 & 4/19


No matter who you are or what you do, whether at work or in the community, you are likely involved in meetings. Meetings are costly, whether they are held in a company boardroom or at the local coffee shop. To ensure that meetings are productive and worth the expense involved, three ingredients are necessary: an assurance of closure, a strong chair or leader, and accurate minutes. After this two-day workshop you will understand your role as a minute-taker and best techniques for producing minutes that includes all the essential information needed.


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CPR & First Aid Training Course By Assured Response


December 11 & 12/19


Learning a few simple yet effective techniques while utilizing the materials at hand will give you the necessary skills to help sustain life until EMS (Emergency Medical Services) arrive to take over. Assured Response CPR & First Aid Training programs are designed to be fun, easy and interactive. By receiving quality training that uses a combination of humour, theory and realistic scenarios requiring quick response and hands-on application, participants will leave with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to anticipate and avoid potential hazards and, if necessary, respond to emergencies.


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·    All workshops are from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

·    Cost: $485.00 per person, plus applicable taxes.

·    Prices and dates are subject to change.


·    CRP & First Aid Training Course

·    Cost: $100 per person





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